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'The County Home'

The history of LaFayette Manor, Inc. began in 1859 when a pre-Civil War shelter was constructed to care for people in their time of need. At that time, it was simply known as "The County Home."


The County Home was established by the county to provide care and shelter to the county's sick, poor, and homeless residents. The residents, at that time, farmed the land to provide food for the facility.


New building

In the mid-1970s, a new building was erected and was transformed into a private, not-for-profit facility now known as LaFayette Manor, Inc. We now provide a wide array of services to senior citizens in Fayette County and the surrounding areas.  


These services include, but are not limited to, skilled nursing services, personal care services, and rehabilitative services.


Beechwood Court

The original 400-bed County Home was demolished in 1972. Beechwood Court, our 64-bed personal care facility, was built in 1999 and now stands in its place. This facility provides high-quality care with modern living and a highly trained staff.  


One of its features is our Specialty Care Unit, which provides a safe environment for residents with Alzheimer's Disease.


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The history of LaFayette Manor, Inc.


A history of providing a wide array of services to senior citizens

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